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What the Font?! Our Favourite Font Combos.

Graphic Design Sydney

Fonts are an essential part of designing, and sometimes finding the right combinations can be a little daunting. We’ve put together a few examples of combinations that (we think) achieve a complementary balance, giving it a harmonious effect. We’ve used the name of the font as the display text and included links of where to get each font. Go and try out some font combinations yourself as well!
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Cut burger menus out of your desktop’s diet

The burger menu has become a ubiquitous navigation solution on mobile devices. The burger menu (also referred to as a sidebar menu or junk-drawer menu) is a conceit for smaller viewports where there simply is not enough screen real estate to display all of the links/options in a website/app on screen by default.
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Christmas mockups at Pictura Creative

Christmas EDM

Christmas is on the way!

Here at Pictura Creative we are so excited and also quite busy designing all Christmas campaigns for our clients.

However, we try not to forget to inspire our readers, that’s why we prepare a little collection of our designs and mockups to show you what’s on in our creative minds this Christmas.

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Instagram: Make the top post in popular hashtags.

social media services

As an ex-blogger, social media addict and currently digital marketing manager I spend most of my time in still mysterious for many social media space. I do it before work, at work, for work and after work…can any of you relate to me? I bet for most of you, it’s probably hard to admit. Anyway, we live in times where social media is the biggest marketing and lifestyle machine. The sooner you get it, the better for your business!

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Pictura is changing its location!

digital agency


We’re onward and upward to bigger and better things.Pictura Creative’s beat is moving to a new rockin’ location!

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Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe Christmas Hampers EDM

Our client wanted to test the market for promoting their corporate gift hampers this Christmas. They wanted to do a soft promotion to gauge response to the combination and value of the individual hampers.

Aside from displaying the hampers in store, we suggested a marketing email sent to their accumulated database collected in the various stores.

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