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Optimising Website Graphics

The website loading time is an important factor to get people visit the website. It is even more important when it comes to search engine rankings. Both search engine and website visitors tend to care more about speed of the website they visit. Some research show that 75% of users would not return to the website if it does not load within 4 seconds; and they will leave the website if it does not load within 3 seconds on smartphone devices. 44% of people would tell their friends if they had a poor experience with the website. This means that the website owners do not only lose direct visitors on their sites but also lose potential visitors. Unfortunately, so many website developers even don’t realize about this situation.

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Your business card doesn't need to be boring!

Business cards – every business needs them! There’s only one chance make a good first impression on your potential clients.

Business cards speak for a brand and are a good, effective tool to impress your clients as well as maintain relationships, so it’s important to get it right.

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CMS comparison 2013

Concrete5, the Content Management Underdog

For many people, designers and clients alike, when the topic of content managed websites is raised, WordPress seems to be the name on everyone’s lips. It is probably the most popular of the dominant 3, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Not hard to believe since it’s been around for some time and has a huge community of users, an infinite amount of themes, plugins and other stuff that seems to make it the likely choice for many people. In fact, this blog is WordPress.

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Our very first Blog has launched.

With this post I welcome you to the very first blog for the Pictura Creative studio. Our posts will cover a variety of subjects in areas of interest that we each specialise in, including graphic design, web design, development and coding, photography, printing and other things similarly related. We hope that the things we all share will be useful to you all in one way or another.

And with that said, we begin.