Patatap: An Explosive Visual Representation of Sound

Remember the days when you were so easily amused by shiny and colourful things? Okay, maybe those days aren’t as long ago as we would imagine. Sure, it’s more socially acceptable for a child to chase rainbows and butterflies across a field than it is for an adult. But hey, we enjoy what we enjoy.

Okay, this is where I introduce the incredibly amazing website and app that enables you to create delicious sounds that explode in colour. Patatap is a portable animated sound kit. With a touch of a key or finger, you can create explosive melodies as well as flashing colourful shapes. If you have synesthesia, this is pretty much your brain on display for all to see.

If you’re unfamiliar with what synethesia is, it’s a condition of the mind in which one sense (e.g. hearing) is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional senses, such as sight. For example, the word Wednesday might appear to someone as the colour orange, or a random assortment of images might appear when listening to a particular song. These involuntary thought processes don’t usually change either –   once Wednesdays are orange, they’re always orange.

If you’re visiting the website, you can simply mash your keyboard to create the visual sound, and press spacebar to switch colour scenes. And the app, simply use your trusty finger.

So if you’re tired of your monotonous routine, take a little break from your potentially grey day and create some explosive visual mind hi-fives.

Try Patatap here.