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Author: Ksenia

Embossing and Foil Stamping


Embossing changes the physical dimensions of paper to add an elegant and eye-catching graphic element.

Text and coverstocks can both be molded using heat, pressure and an embossing die. The process stretches and reshapes the paper fibres, creating a textural effect and setting the communication apart by adding a third dimension.

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Print Catalogues Preferred by Shoppers

IMG_7656The latest survey released by the Australian Catalogue Association (ACA) says printed catalogues continue to give advertisers a powerful competitive advantage, with consumers staying loyal to letterbox marketing.

The survey results say 90 per cent of catalogue consumers intend to use catalogues the same or more in the next 12 months.

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Properties of Paper


Every type of paper has a set of properties that will affect its suitability for printing and presentation. Some of these properties are determined by the papermaker, while others are inevitable side effects of the paper-making process.

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Understanding the nature of the paper you select can help you anticipate how it will react to the printing processes you have selected – and how your finished job will look and feel.

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