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Category: Content Management Systems

The 3 WordPress Plugins We Can’t Live Without

We’ve recently started working heavily with WordPress. What became quickly apparent was that there are some must-have features (for us at least) that don’t come with a vanilla WordPress installation.

These are the 3 WordPress plugins that we use for every WordPress site that we build here at Pictura Creative.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


I was surprised to discover that WordPress has no built-in support for basic SEO related tasks such as customising the meta title or adding meta descriptions to posts or pages. The web today is driven almost entirely by search, which makes this omission all the more glaring.

The WordPress SEO by Yoast adds support for many SEO-related tasks, including the basic meta tag editing on a per-page or post basis, adding site-wide social metadata and connecting your site to external search tools such as Google Webmaster Tools.

WordPress SEO goes further, adding advanced features like focus keyword analysis, breadcrumbs & XML sitemaps just to name a few.

All in all, a fantastic plugin.

For more, see the WordPress SEO homepage, or the official plugin page.

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The Route 66 Motor Inn Website

We’ve recently redeveloped the Route 66 Motor Inn website for our client. The hotel is conveniently located within Emerald town centre. It offers custom designed rooms with an exceptional blend of comfort and convenience. The restaurant inside the hotel offers modern Australian cuisine in a contemporary setting. Guests can enjoy their meals either with white tables indoor dining room of the restaurant or the relaxed outdoor canopy area while watching the sun goes down.

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Quality Hotel Powerhouse Multisite

We were asked to refresh Quality Hotel Powerhouse‘s web presence, which involved updating the look and feel to match their recent change in branding and fitting out the site with all the modern web goodies.

The Quality Hotel Powerhouse is unique in that it is a conglomeration of two hotels in Country NSW, Powerhouse Tamworth and Powerhouse Armidale. Two separate entities are often marketed together.

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Latest Project: The Yoga Factory Camperdown

We’re working on a nice little website project for a local business called The Yoga Factory. A little less than 10 minutes from the CBD and right across the space in front of our office, The Yoga Factory is cool boutique yoga studio that provides a comfortable atmosphere for people of all levels to enjoy yoga with quality teachers.

I’m not big on yoga but I enjoyed designing this content managed, responsive site for them. Look for it online in the coming weeks.

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CMS comparison 2013

Concrete5, the Content Management Underdog

For many people, designers and clients alike, when the topic of content managed websites is raised, WordPress seems to be the name on everyone’s lips. It is probably the most popular of the dominant 3, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Not hard to believe since it’s been around for some time and has a huge community of users, an infinite amount of themes, plugins and other stuff that seems to make it the likely choice for many people. In fact, this blog is WordPress.

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