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Category: Inspiration

New polling feature for Instagram Stories.

digital agency sydney

Instagram is making its Stories a little more interactive with a new polling feature that users can add with a “poll” sticker.

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Christmas mockups at Pictura Creative

Christmas EDM

Christmas is on the way!

Here at Pictura Creative we are so excited and also quite busy designing all Christmas campaigns for our clients.

However, we try not to forget to inspire our readers, that’s why we prepare a little collection of our designs and mockups to show you what’s on in our creative minds this Christmas.

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Staple Printing Techniques

Working in the creative industry, you’re always learning new things about printing and what some of the more frequently used methods are. Here at Pictura, we’ve collated some of our staple printing methods and techniques.


Embossing & Debossing

Some people think it’s one in the same – not the case. Put simply, embossing creates a raised effect to your paper, and debossing creates a pressed effect.

We find that we mostly emboss our stock on uncoated paper, but it looks great either way!

Embossed - by Supply

Embossing by Supply

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Patatap: An Explosive Visual Representation of Sound

Remember the days when you were so easily amused by shiny and colourful things? Okay, maybe those days aren’t as long ago as we would imagine. Sure, it’s more socially acceptable for a child to chase rainbows and butterflies across a field than it is for an adult. But hey, we enjoy what we enjoy.

Okay, this is where I introduce the incredibly amazing website and app that enables you to create delicious sounds that explode in colour. Patatap is a portable animated sound kit. With a touch of a key or finger, you can create explosive melodies as well as flashing colourful shapes. If you have synesthesia, this is pretty much your brain on display for all to see.

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10 Amazing Instagram Users To Follow

Thank goodness Instagram has evolved from heavily filtered photos of our lunch. Nowadays, it’s more open to be used as peoples’ creative outlets. Designers, photographers, calligraphers, painters, videographers & even pet-enthusiasts have been awakened, and everyone has something to contribute. People are reaching out to other creatives all around the world to connect and collaborate. And it’s inspiring.

I’ve collated my Top 10 favourite users on Instagram; accounts that I check religiously, getting my mind blown to pieces in awe of all the creativity. I hope they do the same for you!


1. June Digan

Typography & watercolour: two of my favourite things. And combined? Well that’s just a bonus.

June Digan

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