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Optimising your website’s speed

As we all know, website speed is very important. It is not only for the user experience, but also for search engines like Google in search rankings. Therefore you need to optimise your website’s speed and take it into account by optimising as many components of your website as possible in order to reducing the loading time of the website.

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Simulating a slower connection

When developing a website locally it’s easy to forget about loading times and their impact on the browsing experience. Luckily, we have plenty of tools at our disposal to diagnose and improve our web page loading performance – YSlow, Google PageSpeed Insights, and the Chrome website performance auditor.

While the aforementioned tools are great, sometimes it can be more helpful to actually experience the loading process on a slower connection.

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Your business card doesn’t need to be boring!

Business cards – every business needs them! There’s only one chance make a good first impression on your potential clients.

Business cards speak for a brand and are a good, effective tool to impress your clients as well as maintain relationships, so it’s important to get it right.

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Our very first Blog has launched.

With this post I welcome you to the very first blog for the Pictura Creative studio. Our posts will cover a variety of subjects in areas of interest that we each specialise in, including graphic design, web design, development and coding, photography, printing and other things similarly related. We hope that the things we all share will be useful to you all in one way or another.

And with that said, we begin.