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Category: Web Development

Cut burger menus out of your desktop’s diet

The burger menu has become a ubiquitous navigation solution on mobile devices. The burger menu (also referred to as a sidebar menu or junk-drawer menu) is a conceit for smaller viewports where there simply is not enough screen real estate to display all of the links/options in a website/app on screen by default.
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Website Progress: Carpet Floor Solutions

We were approached by the team at Carpet Floor Solutions to develop a new website. As-well as a fresh new design, the functionality has simplified, making it easy to browse for what you’re after.

The team created a striking design for the new look & feel, highlighting Carpet Floor Solutions’ many service areas and creating an easy to use website along with a drop down form for quick enquires.

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The 3 WordPress Plugins We Can’t Live Without

We’ve recently started working heavily with WordPress. What became quickly apparent was that there are some must-have features (for us at least) that don’t come with a vanilla WordPress installation.

These are the 3 WordPress plugins that we use for every WordPress site that we build here at Pictura Creative.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


I was surprised to discover that WordPress has no built-in support for basic SEO related tasks such as customising the meta title or adding meta descriptions to posts or pages. The web today is driven almost entirely by search, which makes this omission all the more glaring.

The WordPress SEO by Yoast adds support for many SEO-related tasks, including the basic meta tag editing on a per-page or post basis, adding site-wide social metadata and connecting your site to external search tools such as Google Webmaster Tools.

WordPress SEO goes further, adding advanced features like focus keyword analysis, breadcrumbs & XML sitemaps just to name a few.

All in all, a fantastic plugin.

For more, see the WordPress SEO homepage, or the official plugin page.

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Optimising Website Graphics

The website loading time is an important factor to get people visit the website. It is even more important when it comes to search engine rankings. Both search engine and website visitors tend to care more about speed of the website they visit. Some research show that 75% of users would not return to the website if it does not load within 4 seconds; and they will leave the website if it does not load within 3 seconds on smartphone devices. 44% of people would tell their friends if they had a poor experience with the website. This means that the website owners do not only lose direct visitors on their sites but also lose potential visitors. Unfortunately, so many website developers even don’t realize about this situation.

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